March Madness Check-in

Happy Thursday! Can you believe we’re almost through the month?

There’s been SO many March Madness goals met, I’ve continued to be amazed and inspired. And motivated….because slacking off now isn’t an option. I’ll admit my goals have fallen short because Life has slammed me hard this month. The day job, the kiddos, the relo action logistics are all taking WAY more time and energy than expected.

But I make a point of putting in WIP time be it pages or paragraphs. Besides, if I can show up and be and do for all the other parts of life, why wouldn’t I do the same for the part that’s wholly and completely mine from start to middle to the end?

Today I made my goal by setting the blasted alarm early because tonight oldest and I are going to see The Hunger Games (squee!!!) So tell me, how’s today going?

Friday Inspiration

WOW! The first day of March Madness kicked off with intense writing, revising and reading! Some of you worked a 12hr shift and then wrote. Some of you had toddler-no-sleep-itis and still managed to get some time in on your WIP. Many of us juggled the day job, the family and STILL managed to get some word time in.

It’s inspiring. Humbling. And motivating!

If you’re here for March Madness goals, the place to declare your goals is  here.

Goal checkins depend on the day of the week:

Mondays – LS Taylor will host at
 – Denise Jaden will host at
 – Angelina Hansen will host at 
– Anne Hale will host at 
 – Deb Marshall will host at 
 – Jaye Robin Brown will host at 
– Shari  Green will host at

Can’t wait to see how the week goes for your next check in with me on Thursday/

Happy writing!