March Madness Check-in

Happy Thursday! Can you believe we’re almost through the month?

There’s been SO many March Madness goals met, I’ve continued to be amazed and inspired. And motivated….because slacking off now isn’t an option. I’ll admit my goals have fallen short because Life has slammed me hard this month. The day job, the kiddos, the relo action logistics are all taking WAY more time and energy than expected.

But I make a point of putting in WIP time be it pages or paragraphs. Besides, if I can show up and be and do for all the other parts of life, why wouldn’t I do the same for the part that’s wholly and completely mine from start to middle to the end?

Today I made my goal by setting the blasted alarm early because tonight oldest and I are going to see The Hunger Games (squee!!!) So tell me, how’s today going?

37 thoughts on “March Madness Check-in

  1. Hurray for you, Anne! You are so right about the balance. If we can show up for the other parts of our lives, why can’t we do the same for our writing lives? Amen!

    I’m waiting to see the Hunger Games with my very dear friend in PA, where we are traveling in just 2 weeks! Some things are just worth the wait.

    Yesterday, I completed my second goal for the month…the WIP is done!! Now I am running through some revisions before I send it off to my agent. I managed to get through 3 1/2 chapters yesterday and I’m shooting for at least 4 today.

    Write on, Wipsters!

  2. Hi, Anne! Thank you for the reminder of balance. :)) I hope you have a wonderful time seeing Hunger Games. I remember reading the series, back before it seemed to really take off. At the time, I worked at a school library. I asked everybody, have you read it??? Most teachers and adults looked at me funny and shrugged their shoulders! I shared it with every young person I knew. I’m so excited about all the success of the novels and now…YIP! for the movie. :)) I’ll have to wait until Sunday. We have soccer game Friday, SCBWI event on Saturday & another soccer game.

    I went back to the original goal setting post on Denise’s to make sure I was on track with all of my goals. I was pleased to see I was. :) EXCEPT working on newest wip. I’ve dedicated all of my writing time to revisions instead of sharing it. I don’t see this as a failed goal though. I’m so excited to have the motivation and direction the revisions.

    Thank you Denise and everybody for the constant motivation!!

    Today’s goal 2-3k, which will put me at 33k done.

    Have a great day everyone, see ya over at #wipmadness for checkins!

  3. I woke up in a great mood, b/c it was Friday…

    Oh, oops, it’s only Thursday…haha.

    So that realization put a momentary damper on things, but can’t wait to do some writing on my WIP!

    Have fun at The Hunger Games!

  4. Way to fight through the madness, Anne!
    Yesterday I couldn’t pull myself away from the manuscript and by the time I finished I’d revised over 30 pages and was exhausted. We’ll see what happens today. Write on, Wipsters!

  5. Eeek on seeing Hunger Games!! Looking forward to hearing what you think of it!

    And yes on life jumping in front of us, eh? But I figure, like you, if we keep showing up at the page what we want to get done will get done.

    Day so far is good, just about done one blog post, printed off some notes for my MG. Hoping to do one more blog post for a friend who is in Bologna (lucky her!) then finish up with reading a MG book for another blog post. Then…it’s all about the wip, making more notes on character, plot and setting…this baby is changing fast!

    All the _very_ best with the rest of your day, thinking of you and your kiddo. Gooooo team March Madness!

  6. I can’t wait to see HG. It looks like perfect casting. Hope you enjoy!

    Just getting started this morning, but I had a decent day yesterday. My goal was 3k, but I made it to about 2 and a half. Shooting for 3 again today.

  7. I’m jealous! My wife and I are seeing The Hunger Games soon, but not tonight!

    I made my daily quota (1298) and decided to call it early. I won’t early today and hit a perfect resting point for today, and starting point for tomorrow. I’m finally past the slog in knowing exactly what’s happening in a certain scene and having to write something that feels repetitive. I’m back into the guided discovery phase of my writing. The words shall flow more freely from her on, methinks.

  8. I was up early again today, but unfortunately so were my children. However, I have a new perspective and I think my MC has finally turned a corner. She was really depressed after a couple of deaths and was kinda wallowing in it for a while…it felt like forever. Like those few chapters in HP:Deathly Hallows where Harry is just spiraling…I thought that was half the book, but realized it was just a couple chapters on the second run through! It hasn’t really been that many words she’s been depressed, but since my writing time has gotten smushed in the past month or so, it’s been a long time. And the depression was affecting me and making it difficult to write, or want to write. Yeah, not helpful. But hopefully it turned out believable! :) Anyway, one of my side characters just randomly decided this morning that he needed to do something about it so he sat down and had a heart-to-heart with her about his dead brother (I didn’t even know he had a brother…). She’s determined not to wallow anymore! Yay! Happy times ahead!

    I am a discovery writer. I have a very vague general outline – as in: they’re going here, then here, then this happens, then this, then the end – That kind of generalness. My characters have minds of their own and take me where I don’t expect…all the time. :) I also have to write in chronological order. It’s frustrating, but true. I even tried to skip ahead to write the next exciting scene when I got stuck, but ended up with a dialog between MC and someone else…yeah, I don’t know who…he was talking to her though…I kept thinking “Who is talking to her? Who’s voice is this?” Then I went back to the scene I was working on and realized who it was and thought, “Wow, he really wanted a voice. I guess he needs some page time…” Yeah, that’s how crazy I am. My hubby just shook his head at me and said something like, “I don’t know how you can write like that…” (He’s on the other side of the spectrum completely!)

    Anyway, I don’t know how any of this talks about balance…other than how I’m affected by the state of mind of my MC… Oh well, 550 words this morning with, hopefully, another writing time later! Have a great day everyone! :)

  9. Seems silly to say that April will be my month when we’re in the midst of March Madness, but there you go. I had other major deadlines to meet this month, but I’m revamping my story board and have much more confidence on how to move my characters off the 25K mark.

    Enjoy the movie nights, my friends. I’m hoping for The Artist this weekend, myself. =)

  10. Yeah, life can definitely get in the way. Good for you, squeezing in what you can.

    I cannot WAIT to see HG. But I have to a little (waaaaah) because my husband wants to see it too since he loved the books as well. So that’s totally awesome and all, and I definitely want to go with him, but it means we have to get a babysitter, and we’re in the midst of packing (moving in less than a week!) so it’s not going to happen until at least a week or two.

    What was that about life getting in the way?

    At least I’m keeping up with my WIP. Working through some more revisions now, and then it’ll be resting nicely for me while I move. Resting time is soooo important.

    Have fun, everyone who can get to the HG this weekend!

  11. I’m going to see Hunger Games tonight, too! Yay!

    In writing news, I’ve decided to revise my goals. I had a big, long chat with my husband and realized trying to write my query and synopsis at this point was stressing me out. The only time I’ve ever experienced what I would call ‘writer’s block’ was while querying my last novel. The business side of writing completely kills my creativity, unfortunately. So I’m going to wait until after CPs get back to be on this draft before trying to write a query again.

    In the meantime I have a short story to write, one which I think will confirm what story I should write next. I figure if I’m deeply entrenched in another story by the time I query this one, the process won’t be so stressful this time.

  12. Yay, you on going to see HUNGER GAMES! I’m not going till next Saturday. In the meantime son and I are on chapter 14 of the book. Still on the fence on whether or not my almost 11 year old can handle the movie. He’s doing great with the book and we’re having some great discussions about it too.

    Today wrote my Friday Five blog and also hit one chapter hard. Wrote an additional 1K. Also plan to read some more.

  13. I haven’t gotten much writing done today, but I had to switch gears real quick to blow through a revision of the first 50 pages of Rogue 5, prepping to get it out to someone for perusal. I’m behind now, but I’m good with that. Those pages seem pretty good now. And after tonight my fingers will be crossed again, though it’s kinda hard to type that way. ;) So I didn’t get much done on the current WIP, but I did do a lot of work overall.

  14. Almost finished Game of Thrones and prepping for the all day marathon showing of Season 1 downtown tomorrow.

    My Script Frenzy brainstorming has gone well and once I’m Game of Throned out, I’ll be focusing my energy towards Script Frenzy prep this weekend. As soon as March Madness is over I have April Intensity. Of course, we have a vacation smack dab in the middle of the month so that should prove interesting.

    I was looking for my entry yesterday and when I returned to the blog, I realized that I somehow clicked on the previous week’s check-in, so I’m glad I’m not crazy and truly did make an entry, but it was just in the wrong place. Oh, well. :)

    We’re near the final stretch. The month has blown by and I’ve been super creative. I hope this streak continues on throughout the year.



  15. Here it is, 10 pm and I’m starting my writing time for the day. I always seem to be bringing up the rear on these check-ins. Ah well – I’m going to get to it. Much to do and I only think I’ll hold out for an hour or so!

  16. Another lost day, unfortunately. I didn’t sleep well last night so I took a sick day. And then when I felt better after napping off the fatigue, I found other stuff to do. But it’s okay, because it needed doing.

    Yesterday, I started tackling my list of changes to make for the Third Pass (of past-tense). I managed one item, and then started organizing my notes so they’re less scattered. More tomorrow and then there’s the weekend. And so it goes.

  17. I’m skipping through the last five days of check-ins because I only discovered the March madness bonanza tonight!! I wish I’d known sooner, but luckily, I’ve been working on my WIP pretty diligently anyway. Today was a big milestone of 10k, and my goal for the upcoming week (the rest of the MarchMadness) is to go through everything I’ve done so far, and write at least another 5k!

  18. Yes, those days are frustrating. I alayws hope that somehow I will break through it, and sometimes I do. Sometimes later in the day, in the midst of something else, I finally have a break through idea. The worst days are the ones that come two or three in a row with a lot of blah. Then a good day comes and it’s all wonderful and I try to forget the bad ones.Here’s hoping for all good days for all writers in 2013!

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